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Academic Entrepreneurship Is A Joke

What gets me about the academic contribution to entrepreneurship is that the educational system just does not get it. “MBA” (My Big Achievement) programs are taught using predictive reasoning while most entrepreneurial successes are based on the inverse of this. For instance predictive reasoning assumes there is some pre-determined goal and a given set of means to get there, seeking to identify the most optimal route to get there.

Now ordinarily this is perfect for a developed corporation, or a start-up (after the fact), but not for an entrepreneurial start-up. There is a time for a manager, but it is rarely at the early stages of the venture. In many cases there is no elaborate plan. There may have been a pre-determined goal in the business plan, but without the means to get there the Entrepreneur must achieve the most optimal outcome by accumulated means available which usually includes what is known and who is known.
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