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Your personal rights versus your community responsibilities

I read two things in the Sunday Business Post this week. The first was a “work to welfare” program that would allow unemployed to claim benefit and work, pay tax, if they also did community service. The Minister Eamonn O’Cuiv is at the very least being innovative and open to a more enlightened view of society that is not always black and white when it comes to operating with the Black economy.

The second article I read was in the David Mc’Williams opinion “A matter of life or debt” where he relates the struggle of a businessman on reduced turnover battling it out with the local council who insist on a higher rent for land that is rented to the business. The businessman is unable to pay the increase and the council refuses to reduce their demand.

Is there perhaps compromise and a win-win opportunity to be had in all parts of society if there is a more open and innovative approach to resolving problems rather than trying to plug the cashflow issue of businesses or social welfare fraud reduction? Continue reading


Foreign Risk Capital in Ireland

Foreign Risk CapitalThat wonderful image of a tourist asking for directions from an Irish rural resident. “Well to get to Listowel, luv, I wouldn’t shtart from here…”

We used tax incentives and low cost educated english speaking employees to attract FDI. Now we need a much more refined solution for a much more complex opportunity. If we expect our “Smart Economy” to get Ireland out of the mess it is in, practical alternatives are needed.

Chris Horn in his Sunday Business Post article and his blog refer to Foreign Risk Capital being needed and should be encouraged is absolutely right. This is our way out if we have the vision to implement the necessary steps to encourage more of it to come to Ireland. FRC providers would fall over themselves to get here if the environment and opportunities exist. What is needed is to create reasons for FRC to come here.

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Enterprise Ireland should do Telepresence

Re-Imagine Ireland Inc

Re-Imagine Ireland Inc

Following on from my a Twitter comment, I posted this in the “Re-Imagine Ireland Inc” discussion on A small idea with a big reach. I refer to Enterprise Ireland and IDA, but SFI and scientific outreach facilities could equally make use of this facility

One of the most valuable resources that Enterprise Ireland and indeed the IDA have is the 33 or so commercial development offices around the world. This innovation back in the 80’s has yielded a significant return on the investment of those offices in bringing Ireland hundreds of thousands of jobs. This was ahead of its time and still plays a major role in FDI and indigenous companies expansion programs.
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