I’m an Entrepreneur, get me outta here E-Book

I think I'm an Entrepreneur. Get me 'outta here!!!This PDF booklet is about a journey…. An Entrepreneurs Journey to show you how you too can reach substantial goals in devising, creating and building a business. As Founder and CEO of a two start-up companies that raised more than $23 million in debt and equity; much more for many other enterprises, I can personally say to you that what is contained here is pure common business sense.

Cutting through all the investment and business jargon, using simple and easy to understand language, we try to make is as easy as possible to understand what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and to grow a small business into a multi-national global enterprise:

This manual is not the be-all and end-all of being a successful Entrepreneur. But the methods have worked tremendously well for me over the last 20 years. And better still they have worked where many thousands of others have failed…

My own system is not infallible either. But if you read this booklet to get more information on the subject of what it means to realize the dream of being a successful Entrepreneur and cannot spend all the time needed, to collect all the information – then this is the answer. After you read this and decide that starting a business is right for you, go and get the 10 Lesson Course “How to write a successful Business Plan” on page 3 of the booklet. There is no charge. Call it payback or pay it forward for getting to here….


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