Your personal rights versus your community responsibilities

I read two things in the Sunday Business Post this week. The first was a “work to welfare” program that would allow unemployed to claim benefit and work, pay tax, if they also did community service. The Minister Eamonn O’Cuiv is at the very least being innovative and open to a more enlightened view of society that is not always black and white when it comes to operating with the Black economy.

The second article I read was in the David Mc’Williams opinion “A matter of life or debt” where he relates the struggle of a businessman on reduced turnover battling it out with the local council who insist on a higher rent for land that is rented to the business. The businessman is unable to pay the increase and the council refuses to reduce their demand.

Is there perhaps compromise and a win-win opportunity to be had in all parts of society if there is a more open and innovative approach to resolving problems rather than trying to plug the cashflow issue of businesses or social welfare fraud reduction?

What if the businessman were to undertake to provide the services of the machinery that are lying dormant on the disputed council rented ground and offer the use of that machinery in lieu of the extra cash being sought by the council. What is more that same machinery could be loaned out to the “Community Welfare to Work” sector of the community in which the businessman operates and the community benefits.

In marketing terms the businessman gains much more than a reduced rent bill for the land, but a high profile within the community as his machinery is exposed on a more regular basis within the community and as such is more likely to be hired by members of the community as they need it in the future.

You’re responsible to your community, to your customers, to your employees and to your suppliers. Serve them all and your rights thing tends to take care of itself.


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