Is there an App to replace learning advanced math?

I have been following the call for engineers and mathematicians as the way forward to increase or “up-skill” the work force as this is deemed to be the only way to raise standards for foreign direct investment and stimulate growth. I am not saying this is not an essential part of adding to the skills of potential employees, but I ask myself if there is an App for just about everything why is there no App for basic, fundamental and even advanced mathematics.

It strikes me that with a computer, mathematics is probably the easiest subject to be provided as an application on an iPhone. I am not talking just about a complex calculator with Sine, Tan, CoSine etc. I am talking about taking the same skill set that is being put into the likes of Google linguistics capabilities and delivering the results that anyone would need under any circumstances to make appropriate calculations.

The paradox is of course that to get there we need good mathematicians in the first place and there are millions out there already. But if we are to make a leap forward perhaps removing the basic necessity to undertake an unnecessary chore of learning mathematics is to provide a hand held solution.

Thanks to Chris Horn who directed me to Wolfram|Alpha and here is the application that takes the headache out of asking a mathematical question. A sort of Math for dummies..


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