Innovation, Creative Process and Abstract Ideas

Taipei Skyscraper 101

Innovation is the outcome of a definable logical sequence of developments within an evolved creative process, derived from an abstract idea or desired alternative to the perceived reality of an existing problem

Innovation is beneficial but not necessarily required to be economically viable. We may benefit from the research of the Hedron Collidor but may not recoup the financial investment. It is still an innovation.

An Architect has an Abstract idea he can visualize building the tallest skyscraper 101 in Taipei 200 metres from an earthquake fault line and in the path of many typhoons. The perceived reality is that anything this high would be destroyed by a big earthquake and blown by 200 kilometre winds.

Evolved creative processes occur for each challenge faced from the beginning and sub-creative processes for problems arising as the building progresses. Each stage creates its own challenge and each contractor evolves their solutions for problems they face along the construction process.

Ultimately you may define the creative processes as logical sequences of developments, but only after it’s completion just as we write up scientific papers for experiments in a laboratory, but only after we complete it. This makes Architects, Scientists and Entrepreneurs as much artists as any 4 year old child.


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  1. artisandrew on

    That’s an interesting thought about young children being artists as much as highly-skilled professionals. If you think about it, children might even be more creative knowing that everything they make has had minimal outside influence. By this I mean their minds are not confined and predisposed to ideas and innovations that already exist. It’s creativity in its purest form.

    • gjbrandon on

      That is why I equate a 4 year old who will tell you they are an artist as they paint and draw to an Architect, scientist or entrepreneur. They have a purity not yet contaminated by compromise and conformity.

      Scientific experiments are ventures into the unknown and require innovative solutions. Architects do not conform to the average 2 up, 2 down terrace house and create solutions/ Entrepreneurs rarely end up at a pre-defined goal and sometimes find solutions to problems that are only defined as they progress. The child as an artist sees the world without borders and has not yet been told to confine his or her colours within the lines.

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