Enterprise Ireland should do Telepresence

Re-Imagine Ireland Inc

Re-Imagine Ireland Inc

Following on from my a Twitter comment, I posted this in the “Re-Imagine Ireland Inc” discussion on LinkedIn.com. A small idea with a big reach. I refer to Enterprise Ireland and IDA, but SFI and scientific outreach facilities could equally make use of this facility

One of the most valuable resources that Enterprise Ireland and indeed the IDA have is the 33 or so commercial development offices around the world. This innovation back in the 80’s has yielded a significant return on the investment of those offices in bringing Ireland hundreds of thousands of jobs. This was ahead of its time and still plays a major role in FDI and indigenous companies expansion programs.

Another “not quite so big Idea” that would improve it would be the provision of centers in major cities where “State of the Art” Telepresense facilities would allow local companies to leverage the outreach EI and IDA offices to present without incurring significant costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

I am not advocating this replaces the need to meet and greet, but deals get done over time and multiple visits and costs and a company’s green footprint could be significantly reduced by the provision of facilities such as top end telepresense at both ends.

Costs? There are 33 remote offices around the world and in Ireland there is obviously an awful lot of vacant high end office facilities available. However these facilities do not necessarily have to be under used when you put them into Financial and Technical Business Parks such as the IFSC where they would act equally as an attraction to new businesses coming into the area who can use the facilities. Sponsorship deals from communication carriers, banks, insurance companies and even large hotel chains can help spread the costs and reduce the initial investment.

Credit for this should be available as this would be charged for and could be grant aided by EI for their client companies and indeed local Chambers of Commerce may provide membership discounts. This is one way to get serious about helping SME’s to compete globally.

Why wait until Reiko comes over from Japan or David arrives from Palo Alto to set up a meeting in advance of any trip? This is the most efficient and green use of a companies, Enterprise Ireland and the IDA’s valuable resources that have built up over time.

Ireland may not have the greatest broadband infrastructure, but it has shown in the past its ability to be innovative, visionary and capable of punching way about its’ weight. The taskforce was set up to deliver the “Smart Economy” but with limited and reducing resources such a scheme could deliver far, far more than the small investment necessary to achieve a much further reach around the world for future growth.


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